Residential rebates and tax credits for solar electric / photovoltaic systems

Financing for solar: Garfield Clean Energy and Energy Smart Partners LLC can help households get a loan for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades through the Garfield Clean Energy Residential Revolving Loan program.
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Jump to info on federal tax credits: 2019 is the final year for the full 30% federal tax credit

City of Glenwood SpringsGlenwood Springs Electric

Glenwood Springs Electric and CLEER are offering incentives to customers
to install solar PV systems.

Commercial properties: rebate of $0.50 per watt up to 10 kilowatts (up to $5,000)

Residential properties: rebate of $0.50 per watt up to 3 kilowatts (up to $1,500) - effective Jan. 1, 2019

System must be designed and installed by NABCEP certified contractor

Rebates will be offered and distributed by CLEER on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pre-approval is required. Your solar installation contractor will fill out the pre-approval application.

Note to Solar PV contractors:
Review the Glenwood Springs Electric PV Supply System requirements on the city website.

Essential documents:

2019 Glenwood Springs Electric PV Terms and Conditions

Glenwood Springs Net Metering Ordinance

Glenwood Springs Electric Net Metering Application and Agreement (submit with the pre-approval application)

Contact CLEER Energy Coach Maisa Metcalf to get started:
(970) 704-9200 ext. 1101 or

Most Glenwood Springs residential properties are also eligible for CORE solar PV rebates and for the federal tax credit.

Holy Cross Energy WE CARE

Holy Cross EnergyHoly Cross Energy offers a rebate for installation of solar photovoltaic systems by Holy Cross customers through the WE CARE program (With Efficiency, Conservation And Renewable
Energy - we can make a world of difference)

Rebates for on-site systems

Tiered rebates based on system size:

  • Systems up to 6 kW: $750 per kW
  • Systems 6 to 12 kW: $500 per kW
  • Systems 12 to 25 kW: $200 per kW

More information and application forms on the Holy Cross Energy website.

Off-site Renewable Energy Purchasing Program

Holy Cross Energy residential customers can buy off-site renewable energy through the Renewable Energy Purchasing Program. Holy Cross credits the member’s monthly bill for the portion of clean energy produced by solar, wind and hydro projects tied to the Holy Cross electrical grid.

More information and application forms for the Renewable Energy Purchasing Program on the Holy Cross Energy website.

Solar*Rewards for on-site solar installations

Xcel EnergyXcel Energy offers the Solar*Rewards rebate and renewable energy credit for installation of solar photovoltaic systems by Xcel electric customers. The Solar*Rewards program opens once per month with a competitive offering for the system-wide sale of 2 megawatts of capacity.

Click here for current rebate and renewable energy credit amounts.

Solar*Rewards Community

A voluntary program to purchase solar energy from a community solar garden. This option is available to residents in Garfield County through Pivot Energy. Learn more here.


Power your home with a mix of off-site solar and wind power. As of January 2019, this program is fully subscribed. Customers can join the waitlist for new projects. Click here for info and a waitlist link.

Xcel Energy Windsource

Windsource is a voluntary program for Xcel Energy electric customers to purchase portions or all of their electricity from wind turbines operating in New Mexico.

Windsource program for homes | Windsource program for businesses


CORE, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, offers rebates for a variety of energy projects.
To learn more, call CORE at (970) 925-9775 or visit

CORE service territory
CORE serves the Roaring Fork and Crystal River valleys, including the City of Glenwood Springs. CORE does not serve the Marble/Gunnison County area. CORE PV rebates are not available to Eagle County residents or to Xcel Energy electric customers.

Federal tax credits for solar electric / photovoltaic systems

These tax credits can be taken to offset your federal income tax paid in the year after you install a solar electric photovoltaic system at your home.

  • 30% tax credit with no upper limit, for projects completed through Dec. 31, 2019
  • The credit decreases to 26% for tax year 2020 and decreases to 22% for tax year 2021. The tax credit is currently set to expire on Dec. 31, 2021.
  • Can be used for existing homes and new construction
  • Principal residences and second homes qualify.
  • Rental properties do not qualify.

More information on solar electric / photovoltaic tax credits at ENERGY

The same 30% federal tax credit can be applied to other renewable energy installations, including:

More information on other renewable energy tax credits at ENERGY

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