Change out incandescent bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescents or LEDs

LED bulbSave energy starting today with energy efficient LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs

LED light bulbs are the best choice in lighting for price and quality. Bulb costs have fallen and variety has increased. LED bulbs come on instantly, function well in cold temperatures, and contain no mercury.

Compared to "efficient" incandescent bulbs on the market today, LEDs use 85 percent less energy and can last up to 25 times longer.

Use LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs of the same watts, in the fixtures you use the most.


Look for the ENERGY STAR label when you buy CFL or LED bulbs. ENERGY STAR bulbs have been tested for color quality, light output, energy efficiency, and must carry a minimum warranty of 3 years.

ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulbs master list

Homeowners and renters:
Save big by investing in a whole-house bulb replacement program

  • Count the bulbs in your house, determine what sizes and shapes you need, and make a plan to replace two to five bulbs per month.
  • Start with the lights you use the most.
  • The payback on bulb replacements is less than two years, and you’ll enjoy lower electric bills right away.
  • Xcel Energy customers can take advantage of in-store discounts.
  • Holy Cross Energy and Glenwood Springs Electric customers can get rebates for LED bulb purchases. Limitations apply. Click here for info.

Businesses, churches, multi-family building owners and others with large buildings

  • Contact an Energy Coach to learn about available rebates and get expert advice on getting started with a lighting upgrade: 704-9200
  • Contact a lighting contractor for an estimate on a commercial lighting upgrade.
  • Check out the case studies at right to learn how others in Garfield County have been saving energy, saving money and getting better quality light through a lighting upgrade.

Energy efficient bulb savings add up fast

60-watt Incandescent
14-watt CFL
10-watt LED
Bulb cost
Bulb life in hours
Bulbs used in 20 years / total bulb cost
22 / $22
3 / $18
1 / $7
Energy use 1 year
(3 hours/day)
66 kWh
15 kWh
11 kWh
Energy cost 1 year
(11 cents/kWh)
Energy costs 10 years
(11 cents/kWh)
Energy costs 20 years
(11 cents/kWh)
Energy + bulb costs
20 years

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Energy efficient CFL bulbs:

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Energy efficient LED bulbs:

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energy efficient bulbs:

CFLs (compact fluorescents)

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LEDs (light-emitting diodes)

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Lighting rebates

Rebates are available from local utilities and community clean energy organizations for lighting upgrades.

Residential lighting rebates

Commercial lighting rebates


Commercial lighting makeovers

Advanced Automotive, Rifle

Defiance Thrift Store, Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Grand Valley Recreation Center, Battlement Mesa

Mi Casita, Carbondale

Miser's Mercantile, Carbondale

Orrison Distributing, Glenwood Springs

Roaring Fork Liquors, Glenwood Springs

Seventh Day Adventist Church, Rifle

Sopris Liquor and Wine, Carbondale

Garfield Clean Energy's 2009 light bulb
giveaway program,
Waste Nott, Watt Not!

The 2009 light bulb giveaway distributed 15,600 energy efficient CFL light bulbs to residents throughout Garfield County.

The free compact fluorescent light bulbs for the 2009 Waste Not Watt Not! light bulb giveaway were provided by

Glenwood Springs Electric
Garfield County
Holy Cross Energy
Xcel Energy

Program management and logistics provided by:

Garfield New Energy Communities Initiative (predecessor of Garfield Clean Energy), Colorado Department of Local Affairs,
Glenwood Springs Electric and
CLEER: Clean Energy Economy for the Region